Be good to the gut


The gut is a marvellous structure and home to the important intestinal microflora. Keeping a healthy gut environment is therefore important for overall wellbeing.

Consider the following advice for a healthy gut flora:

Tips on keeping healthy

1Eat right for the gut flora

The gut needs its balance to stay healthy and you can take care of it by making good choices in your diet. Certain things help the gut flora while others work against it.

2Get your gut going

Exercise increases blood flow all over the body. Even your insides benefit from increased movement and exercise makes you feel better in the long run.


Ever had a bad stomach before a test? Stress and worry can have a negative effect on the gut. Do what you can to drop the stress and reclaim the balance in your life.

4Balance your bacteria

Increasing the number of good bacteria in your gut with probiotics can be essential to your wellbeing. Regular intake may have a profound and positive effect on your health.

How you can affect the intestinal flora

What you eatEffect on intestinal flora
Beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains Good
Fruits and vegetables Good
Probiotics (supplements or food) Good
FOS (nutrition for probiotics) Good
Animal fats and proteins Bad
Antibiotics, acid blockers, anti-inflammatories* Bad
Sugar Bad
Processed foods Bad

* Never limit your medication without consulting your physician.



 The gut flora –Your biological benefactor

The gut flora consists of an unbelievable number of good and helpful bacteria. Incredibly, they number around 100 trillion - ten times more numerous than all the human cells in your body.

The gut flora‘s role in your health is so important that it‘s even been called the “forgotten organ” and is researched for its beneficial role in fields such as:

  1. Anxiety and depression
  2. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  3. Allergies
  4. Autoimmune disease
  5. Respiratory infections

Help your gut stay healthy – be good to the gut flora

There is emerging evidence to indicate that probiotics can be taken by otherwise healthy people as a means to prevent certain diseases and modulate host immunity.

– World Health Organization