Top quality and safety

FlorOK is produced according to the highest standards by the Danish firm Christian Hansen.

As a quality product, FlorOK fulfills 3 important quality criteria:

  1. Safety: The final product needs to contain the correct probiotic strains
  2. Stability: Probiotic strains must be produced and stored in such a way that they‘re stable and active
  3. Effectiveness: Individual probiotic strains need to be documented to work – not only the species


Quality and safety

A strain is a subset of a bacterial species differing from other bacteria
of the same species by some minor but identifiable difference

FlorOK - Outstanding in quality and safety

Advanced DNA fingerprinting The correct strain ends up in the finished product
No transferable antibiotic resistance genes No risk of pathogens gaining antibiotic resistance
Stability tests Ensures the promised number of probiotics
Stability documented Temperature, humidity, light and water activity tests


Strain level documentation Works on the strain level – not just the species level
Popular in science Used worldwide in clinical studies